Tuesday, 19 December 2017
A few Ideas for Home Decorating for the New Year

There are really many different styles, it's not a one size fits all market.  The traditionalists usually have the cozy, comfy & warm decor where the contemporary are more into clean lines and minimal furniture, but there are always a few who combine both.

It has been said that color trends come and go. So if you never got around to decorating with grey, you are in luck.  If you've noticed,  each decade seems to have it's own style and colors and they are starting to collide.

The coming trends seem to be tribal patterns and the colors black, white, and caramel together with organics.  Orange and red are back as well as accent colors.  Gold and brass are entering once again to make a bright appearance in your home.

I never thought it would reappear, but avocado and gold leathers, carpets, and wall colors are slowly making a comeback.  When I look at the pictures I am not convinced.  We will see if it really happens. 

Black and white interior design has been around for such a long time.  It is a top trend that will never go out of style.  No matter how colors fluctuate with time, these two colors in particular will always remain classic.  Add a touch of brass or elegant silver and voila, you have elegance.  

For the traditional style homes, oversized furniture is coming back as well.  Very large comfy sectionals and multiple sofas and chairs with heavy wood tables.  If you have never gotten rid of your bulky furniture you will be right back in style.  Recovering your sectional  in new trendy colors and patterns is popular for those living the traditional lifestyles .  Splashes of color will also be popular to combine with the the neutral colors tones.

The Contemporary style homes usually are more of an open concept with medium or dark wood floors in the living spaces with multi-colored walls and even wallpaper.  Marble and quartz countertops are popular in homes where kitchens have white and greys on the walls and the retro contemporary furnishings.

Choosing natural colors in the materials of tiles and flooring will stand the test of time.   Colorful trim and decorative finishes like glazes will warm your home and display a personal preference that meets your own lifestyle.

So, during the time off work when celebrating with family, take your quiet times and grab a warm throw and sit by the fireplace and dream of the warmth of Spring and visualize the plans for your home.  Spring is just around the corner..... and remember.....

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Thursday, 7 December 2017
New Year's Resolutions...Buy a NEW House...


It is drawing near to the new year and along with that comes resolutions.  Are you one of those people who makes a New Years' resolutions or maybe a list of resolutions?  One of those resolutions may be to purchase a new home in 2018.  There are preparations you can make to allow an easy road to accomplish buying a home.   I have listed some of those ways below.

* Make sure your credit is in order

Fico scores range from 300 to 850.  Having a good credit score is like gold when obtaining a mortgage.  Typically you will get the best rate if you have a 740 or above.  This doesn’t  mean you can’t qualify if it is under 740.  Take the time now to see where your credit score is and correct any errors.

* Find the right real estate agent for you

Make sure you find someone that is knowledgeable of the town you are looking in and that they can assist you in your home ownership goals.  Most agents are happy to schedule an appointment with you.

* Know what is going on in the market.

If you hear interest rates are on the rise or that they are at historic lows, don’t assume either.  Rates change on a daily basis depending on what is going on in the market.  You are free to shop for the lowest rate out there, but also be aware of the closing costs that go along with the transaction.

* Find a Mortgage Lender

Before you even begin to look at new homes, contact a mortgage lender to see what you can actually afford.  You want to make sure that the price range you are looking at you can actually afford.  Your agent can refer you one, or someone at your local bank can point you to one.

* Get Pre-Qualified

Once you speak with a mortgage lender, they will take an application and pull your credit.  They might ask you for some supporting documentation as well.  At this point they can give you a pre-qualification letter that will make your offer on a new home look that much better.

Please consider my friend and business partner Brittney Campbell with Franklin American Mortgage (Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS 184975 located at 6100 Tower Circle Franklin, TN 37067 Direct 615-778-2664 Cell 615-491-4744 ). And of course, I am always here to offer advice "MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR"....


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