Tuesday, 24 October 2017
We found our Dream Home, Now what...?

 Believe me, it happens all the time....   You are wildly happy and excited that you have found "the home".  Your executed ​contract is in place.   The next phase​ of this important transaction​ is ​moving forward​ to the closing ​date​. This is​ the time​ where having a professional Realtor in your court ​will be the most beneficial​.  There are laws in place to protect you as a buyer and​ also,​ as a seller.  These laws are designed to make sure you have no regrets.  The laws also protect you from any ensuing battle or chance of losing your hard earned money.   Here are a few incidents that many buyers and sellers ask about.


*    Am I able to look at other offers - Yes, up until the time you have agreed in writing and there is a binding agreement date.  At this time, any offer that comes in can only be used as a backup offer.

*    Buyer financing falls through - This is obviously why a buyer would have a contingency in the contract regarding financing.  There are other ways to work this out but it is designed to help both parties.   A great way to be assured of a better contract is to be pre-approved before writing or accepting a contract.

*     HOA By Laws & Disclosures - These are some documents that should be read before writing a contract .

*     Why a Home Inspection - This is to protect the buyer from unknown items regarding the condition of the home they are purchasing.  Having a home inspection done by the seller before listing is a great way to avoid any surprises.  However, I recommend that buyers hire their own inspector and get their own report. This contingency is used to determine whether or not to buy the house, not to remodel or rebuild the house.

*     Sale of Home Contingencies - As a Seller, keep in mind that today's market is better than it's been in a long time.  With that being said, the location and price of the buyers home should determine whether or not to accept such a contingency.  Things that are priced right move fast and so should your house if it's priced right.


Purchasing and Selling your home can be an emotional process.  There are a lot of variables and moving parts in a real estate transaction and NO two deals are the same.  Make sure you are properly represented in today's fast paced market. 

Always remember, ...."You've got a Friend in Real Estate"


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Wednesday, 11 October 2017
Ways to prepare for the Fall continued...

  FALL...I bet if we took a survey on what is everyone's favorite season, the Fall (Autumn) would win.  I believe there are so many reasons that is true.  In our area we have most likely endured an incredibly hot summer with humid days and sultry nights.  We welcome the cool temperatures of the Fall season.  With that we also know that Winter is around the corner and we need to prepare and do some home maintenance items for the cooler weather. 

#1   Maintenance on all Walkways - There is a need to take care of your walkways and what you are looking for are cracks and loose pavers.  This involves taking care of entryways as well.   It is always great to get this done before the slippery weather comes our way.

#2   Window and trim maintance - Our humid summers can bring with it dirty mildewed siding.  Areas around the trim of your home are especially prone to mildew and mold.   Using a pressure washer is a great remedy for mold and mildew.  You also need to inspect your caulking to make sure there are no cracks or separations.  The days of climbing a ladder to scope out those hard to reach areas are over.  You can simply take a picture with your smart phone and enlarge the picture to take a better look.   Once you determine if you need to repair you can make the decision to do yourself or hire a pro.

#3   Inspect for leaky faucets (inside and outside) - Actually this is saving you time and money in the future.   By simply turning faucet on and then off you can tell if there is a problem.  The fix is going to cost you considerably less than taking care of a frozen pipe in winter.

#4   Checking window seals - If you notice your windows are foggy, that is a sign that you have a failed seal.  The possibility of cashing in on your window warranty is where you start.  If that isn't possible you are probably looking to hire a pro. The process is to reseal the perimeter and replace gas between the panes.

#5   Chimney Sweep - The soot that builds up in your chimney is also a risk of a fire.   It also causes an increase of carbon monoxide in your home by not allowing it to escape when you do have a fire burning in your fireplace.   No DIY here- leave this dirty job to a pro

#6   HVAC -  I said Fall preparation but this is a task you should do every month for the efficiency of your HVAC system.   Check your filter size and go to the hardware store or big box store.  While you are there buy some extra for the months to come.  If in fact you hire a pro for this task, they can also check your thermostat, your blower on your motor and heat exchanger.

#7   Equipment - The sweet warm days of summer are gone and with that the constant use of yard equipment that will now be sitting in the garage all winter needs to have a overall cleanup and oil changed.   The filters changed and sometimes even mower blades need sharpened or replaced.   

Being proactive on maintenance items around the home help us enjoy family and friends.  We are ready for football, cooler nights and hikes to enjoy the beautiful foliage.  HAPPY FALL  Y'ALL...

...."You've Got a Friend in Real Estate"

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