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Is staging Necessary for everyone?

Making your home attractive to prospective buyers can be a daunting task.   All those items that make the home "yours", such as  your personal items, need to be stored away as you neutralize your home prior to selling.  The prospective buyer needs to imagine their own photos and furniture in your house.     Personal items such as family photos and even your favorite recliner might have to disappear for a bit.   Visualizing the home  is much  easier to a potential buyer with most of your personal items gone.  Decluttering your homes will take everyone's help.  Your children's bulky toys need to be out of sight to give your home that appearance of space.  

I am not sure that staging is always necessary, but painting dark and bold colored walls with a nice neutral color might be a great idea . A new coat of paint gives a  fresh clean scent to your home and helps it to sparkle with an updated decor.  

The front of your house is the first part of your house the prospective buyer sees is .   Sprucing up the front lawn and front door area is a must.  Make your front lawn  look it's very best with shrubbery trimmed and grass mowed.  If there is a porch, make it more inviting.  A look that says "I think I would like to sit here for a while" makes the home more appealing.  

Inside the house, be certain that your furniture is arranged in a way to look cozy and with traffic patterns that look obvious.  Another good idea is to increase the wattage in your lamps and light fixtures.  This gives your home a brighter look.  

If you have a basement, make sure the area is clean and organized.   This area must be well lighted and clean to make it an asset to your property.  

Do all faucets work correctly?  Commodes all working properly?  Make sure all repairs are done.  Repairs will be addressed in a home inspection so now is a great time to get your home in tip top shape. 

Last but not least, this is the time to tidy up the garage and make it look like a garage again.  If you family can't part with many of the items then storage is the next best answer. 

You can call me anytime to come take a peek and talk over what exactly needs to be done to make your home ready for the market and to get the best and fastest results....


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