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Owning a home is a BIG Investment


Almost​ every person wishes​ to own their own home. Americans still believe that tho​ugh it is the largest purchase of their life​,​ it still remains the wisest purchase as well.  It is not just the wisdom​ ​of a good investment..​. but also​ a sense of pride of having a home of their own.​Researchers tell us early in life ​this usually​ becomes a goal​ Experts also tell us that ​people plan to spend money on their home within the next year.  The figure has risen to almost 70% of home owners​ seeking to improve their home.  

Here are some areas to think about when wanting to improve the value of your home.  

*   Curb appeal is always important.  A new door is a great way to improve the  front of the house.  It is good to remember steel doors can ​appear to be wood​en​​ doors and they​ provide a higher level of security.

*   Organization is a huge improvement to your home.  Take a visit to a organization retailer and look for shoe organizers​ for closets and other spaces​​, catch-all organizers in TV room closets ​will ​keep games and accessories like X box out of sight.  Bins and baskets hide the clutter in the pantry area of the kitchen and inside cabinets.  Cabinets organizers can actually make it easier to find items when preparing food. Using these items will create a feeling of spaciousness and ​cleanliness.

*  ​New technology ...​Adding a programmable thermostat adds value and saves you money at the same time.  This item will pay for itself​ in a few short weeks/months.​ The added convenience of it is a real bonus.

*   Replacing outdated cabinet hardware will give a new updated look to the kitchen​​ and  bathrooms​ So easy to change out and   economical in the big box retail stores.

*   Give a facelift to your bathroom by putting in a new floor.  Easy to install yourself but even economical when hiring someone to do for you.  

*  ​Update the master bath shower. It is an area that is used each day and you may enjoy a newer more spa-like function and look.  There are lots of ideas in home improvement  stores for you to choose from. You can change a little at a time or do a complete facelift.  It is money well spent! 

*  ​Brighten the mud room or entry if it appears dark and in need of a new coat of paint.  You can also hang pictures and baskets to ​lighten the area where friends and family enter your home. Make your guests & family feel welcome with a cheerful decor whether the enter through the front or back door!


​​ As always I am here to help you with suggestions​ for home improvements​​ that will ​​add​ more value to your home....


.... "You've got a Friend in Real Estate"


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