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TOP 5 Reasons to Use a Professional to Sell your Home

The most expensive purchase you will ever make in your lifetime is your home.  You constantly and sometimes daily  invest in your home's condition.  So of course it is so important that when you decide to sell your home you would want to be able to use a professional to market and sell your home.  Here are 6 reasons why.

1.  Your professional Realtor is comfortable and educated in negotiating with the many people involved in your transaction, while keeping your best interest in mind.
*    Not only the buyer but the buyer's agent.  This buyer's agent is working solely for the buyer not you the seller.  
*    Of course then there is the buyer's attorney.
*    Your Realtor can provide up-to-date information and comparables for the appraiser.
*    Home inspectors who work for the buyer can be someone the Realtor has experience with
    and is able to intelligently speak with about information he works with each day.

2.  Research tells us over 94% of Buyers go online to seek their possibilities of a new home.  Professional Real Estate agents have a presence online with a strategy and know the importance of the internet in selling your home. Professional Pictures are a must.  A strong web presence is a must. By the time a Buyers Agent schedules a viewing of your home, the Buyer has viewed it online multiple times online.
3. Increased paperwork over the last few years has made For Sale By Owner become more and more difficult.  The increase in this paperwork is astronomical.  Many rules and regulations have changed and your professional through continuing educations is able to stay current with all disclosures and changes in the law and market. The last 20 years has shown us a drastic drop in trying to do a For Sale By Owner and the realization that a wiser decision is to use a Real Estate agent for the best possible result in the sale of your home. 

4. For Sale by Owner (FSBOs) are trying to save that real estate commission. Well guess what?  They may have cut corners to save money on repairs to fix the house too?  Beware... FSBO's aren't held to same disclosure laws as those listed with a REALTOR. Studies have shown us that homeowners retain more of their profit in the sale of their home in using a professional in the real estate market.  Selling homes is what a Realtor does every day, not just once or twice in a lifetime like a FSBO.  You need to be able to provide answers to all questions that the average citizen couldn't possibly be expected to know.  

5.  Last but not least is the schools your children will attend. School system lines are closely drawn.  Your professional Realtor makes sure he knows where each home is placed and in what school district.  They also make it a vital part of their package to know the strengths of each individual school in the area.

After reading the information above, it is time for you to be the judge.  I know in your infinite wisdom you will agree that awarding your home to a professional to market for you is the best decision you can possibly make.  Please let me know how I can help.  I'll be happy to come by and meet with you and your family for a free consultation.
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