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Spring Break is Just Around the Corner....
    As warmer weather starts to reveal itself with budding trees and daffodils poking they bright yellow blooms through the soil, it means spring break is very close.  Spring Break has always been an exciting time for our children.  Mom and Dad in most cases are a part of that.   Our children are consumed with having the right clothes, swim gear and who is staying near them at the beach.  Mom and Dad are weighed down with reservations, travel plans, money for food and accessories and a safe vehicle to travel to their destination. Oh and let's not forget about leaving their home safe and sound.  

*   Stopping the mail and newspaper
The United States Post Office allows us to put our mail on hold up to 30 days before leaving on a trip.  Go to:   This a good time to also call the newspaper to put it on hold.  You can have your newspapers stopped or saved to receive on your return.  Some people actually donate those newspapers to charity organizations.  Newspapers lying in front of your home or mail stuffed in your mailbox alerts others that you're not home.

* Appliances 
Turning off the water flow to appliances like the clothes washer can save a water leak or hose bursting and doing severe damage to floors and carpet.  You can also conserve energy and money by turning of the gas flow to your water heater.

*  Thermostat
It is wise to NOT turn off your HVAC because extreme temperatures can harm your home.  You can turn down the thermostat or if you have a programmable thermostat, it will take care of your home temperature while you are gone.  To help in doing some of these tasks you can call you heating and air-conditioning expert.

*  Lamps and Lighting
We all notice when we pass a home that is dark day and night for an extended amount of time.  Buying a couple of inexpensive timers will handle this problem.  Outdoor lights can be put on sensors and the indoor lights will come on at dusk with the timers.  

* Refrigerator and Kitchen Prep
Unplug your small appliances, i.e. coffee maker, toaster ovens, food processors.  Cleaning out your refrigerator and pantry is a great idea. Who wants to return home from a fun time at the beach to a smelly fridge.   Make sure you empty your trash can and ask a neighbor to put out your garbage receptacle  and return to its normal spot after being emptied.

*Electronics etc.
Unplug electronic devices and this will reduce power usage in the house.  Often there are power surges and if items like computers, TVs and phone chargers all unplugged you are protected. 

* Garage Security
Often the garage is a forgotten area.  It is imperative that you protect this area especially when the garage is attached which is the norm here in our community.  Garage doors have a simple bolt lock that can be engaged from inside to prevent the door from being opened.  Make sure the pedestrian door is secured and the door entering the home from the garage is locked.

We all to forward to spending time with friends and family.  Whether it is vacation or spring break, it really adds to your peace of mind to prepare your home and make sure it is secure.


Have fun - Be Safe on the Beach - Return Home to us Happy and Safe.

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