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Tips for a Smooth Moving Day: Part 2

Last week I gave you 5 tips for a smooth moving day

As moving day gets closer, use these 7 packing and organization tips to make the big day go more smoothly:

1. Use clothing, towels, and blankets as your "bubble wrap." You'll save money and kill two birds with one stone by moving out more of your stuff at once. Use Styrofoam plates to separate your china before you put it all in boxes.

2. Use suitcases, baskets, laundry bins, and plastic kitchen containers as your boxes.

3. Move your furniture drawers as-is. You can wrap them with the contents inside with blankets or plastic wrap.

4. As you disassemble items, place the screws and other pieces in a plastic bag, and then tape the bag to the item so they are easy to find when you're ready to re-assemble.

5. Pack one box with essentials that you will need your first night in the house with things such as paper towels, bath towels, paper plates, tools, and cleaning supplies. Label this box clearly so you can find it easily, or put it in your vehicle.

6. Pack one large suitcase or a gym bag for each person with a change of clothes, toiletry items, and medications. Make sure those are packed in your vehicle so they don't end up on the moving truck.

7. Label everything clearly on the top and side of each box or container. Include the room the box should land in. If you want to go an extra step, create an inventory list for each box or color code the labels. You will be so glad you did this once you arrive!

Don't let moving stress you out! You have a new home waiting for you, so it will all be worth it! Call me and I'll help you through the entire process.