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Fall Real Estate in Middle Tennessee

As autumn settles into Tennessee, the landscape begins to change into a beautiful backdrop for showcasing your home and property. Many people mistakenly believe that spring and summer are the only times to buy and sell homes, but fall is still an active season in the real estate world. Here are some things to consider this time of year.

- People who are looking for a new home this time of year are more motivated to find and purchase a home quickly before the holidays and colder weather hits.

- There are less people out looking at homes just for the sake of looking at them, which means that your home showings are more likely to be from serious buyers.

- Because there are less listings on the market, your home will be in higher demand for those who need to move.

- The natural surroundings of leaves changing should inspire you to stage your home with the look and feel of fall with mums, pumpkins, scented candles, and a popping fire in the fireplace. The cozy atmosphere will help potential buyers see how settled they could feel in your home.

And if you're looking to buy this time of year, contact an agent who will help you find those hidden treasures out there. Some people pull their homes off the market after summer if they have not sold, so a Realtor can find those expired listings and contact the homeowners to see if they might still be interested in selling. Also, you might find that banks are more interested in fighting for your business this time of year with lower rates since they have less home lending business, so shop around and get a competitive rate.

I'd be happy to help you buy or sell any time of the year, so give me a call when you're ready!  

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