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4 tips for buying a home in Brentwood, TN.

Buying a home in Brentwood, TN?  Regret -free hints and tips so you don’t miss your dream home.

The Brentwood, TN buyers market is cranking into full gear, and as the school year comes to an end, more and more listings go on the market each and every day. Time is of the essence, and if you do sit around too long, here in Brentwood, well…. that house will be gone!  There are a few common mistakes buyers here in the middle Tennessee area frequently make that can reduce your chances of getting your dream home.


Don’t wait until you are signing the contract to decide to contact your lender. These are critical decisions that should be made well in advance of driving up to the perfect open house. Most buyers come to regret not having a larger down payment.  If you plan out your home purchase, this can lead to being better prepared financially; lower financing costs and even better- lower monthly payments.   Also allotting proper funding to spruce up your current home that will be on the market can increase your potential down payment as well.

Ask lots of questions, and then ask a few more.

Very few buyers attend the home inspection.  This is a critical time to ask follow up questions and discuss with the inspector who found the potential concerns.  Investigate the homeowners association thoroughly. Read any pertinent reports and documents.  Regrettably, many homeowners find out too late just how “strict” the codes and guidelines are for their neighborhood.  Also do online research of the neighborhood, visit at various times of day, and during the week.  The homeowner with the 1970’s travel trailer that parks in the front yard, might not return until Sunday; and the open house you attended was on Saturday.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This isn’t just a job interview question; it’s a home interview question as well.  Jumping into a  rash decision based on an unbelievable sales price or knowledge of a great property before its listed doesn't’t always make it the perfect purchase for you.  Does the home fit your needs for the next 5 to 10 years? Does it have enough or too much space? Will it be a burden on your commute, and are the schools where you would want your children to attend now?

Don’t waste time.

If you have done your homework; including lender pre-approval and thorough research of the property & neighborhood - then be aggressive! If it’s truly the perfect home, be realistic about the fact that here in the Brentwood, TN real estate market, sometimes offering more than the asking price, sets you aside as a serious buyer, especially when multiple offers are in play.  Also having patience going into the home buying search knowing that you might lose one or two to arrive at the perfect home, will be worth it.