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Brentwood, TN Real Estate You can't get qualified if you don't apply:

You can’t qualify if you don’t apply:

As the saying goes, knowledge is power.  In the Brentwood Tennessee real-estate market like many other markets today, knowing if you qualify is half the battle. Because of the market bust in 2008, so many couples out there are gun shy about even speaking with a mortgage lender because of all the negative media surrounding the lending process, and denial rates.  It’s hard to imagine that you’re a good candidate when you are bombarded with daily news reports of how the market is still struggling, and how restrictive the new guidelines are for qualifications. The news makes it seem as though you need a million dollars in savings, and a credit score of 900! Yes, the new guidelines are tighter, but for those who are ready; it’s the perfect time and rates will not stay this low forever. Not only does lower interest rate allow you to potentially afford more, but it also allows for the option to pay the debt off sooner. The scenario below shows an example of a 15 year fixed rate mortgage. An investment in a home, paid off in 15 years was hardly possible with interest rates 10 years ago. Nathan Watson from Regions Bank Franklin, TN spoke about this scenario.

“Look at what a difference a 3.125% fixed rate makes – $300,000 today cost what $200,000 cost 6 years ago. A 15 year term today cost what clients paid for a 30 year as recently as 2007. “

$100,000 15 year is $697 (plus escrow)

$250,000 15 year is $1,742 (plus escrow)

$400,000 15 year fixed is $2,787 (plus escrow)

There is good news out there though… in a sea of negativity the bright spot is low interest rates.  If you have been living in the Brentwood, TN area, perhaps renting an apartment or a home and waiting for the market to improve, let me help guide you through this process. I have several lenders I work with that can steer you through the investigative process.  Knowing what you qualify for, and can afford makes the house search process much easier as a buyer.  Walking into a prospective property knowing the estimated mortgage payment makes for a confident buyer.  Also remember, just because you investigate the qualification process doesn’t mean you are required to purchase a home. It can provide perspective into whether or not you should save more or pay down more debt etc in order to qualify for the home you want. Also, knowing what’s lurking in your credit report that lenders are leery of can help ward off future denials.