Monday, 7 March 2022
Spring Cleaning-The Outside Edition

Spring is upon us, and the signs are everywhere!  The payoff for putting up with all the rain of recent weeks is about to be realized with green lawns, blooming flowers and leaves on the trees!  Despite the knowledge of all those little “winters” that exist here in the South before spring “really” happens, it’s likely that we are safe to get out there and start cleaning up our yards and prepare for a long season of sunshine.  You may think about the inside of your home when you hear the phrase “spring cleaning” but your yard could also use some attention this time of year to get it back in condition after winter.

Even though it is probably too early to start planting annuals, this is a perfect time to check on perennials in your flower beds.  Bulbs have started sending up shoots so focus on the weeds that have popped up over the last few weeks due to all the rainfall we’ve received.  Be cautious about spreading chemicals around plants that are just starting to grow.  Some pre-emergent or weed-killing products may be safe to apply around new growth, but others may burn the small foliage or affect buds forming on bushes.  Read product labels carefully before using chemicals and better yet, avoid them if possible and just pull the weeds!  This will be better for the soil in the long run, help earthworms and other soil creatures thrive and it’s good exercise!

It's also a good time to prune shrubs and small bushes if buds haven’t formed.  Check branches carefully and only remove old, dead wood.  When in doubt about whether to trim or not, wait until after the plant has bloomed, then do some research on the specific species and the proper time to prune.  It is also a good time to think about giving your monkey grass a little haircut to get rid of dried leaves before new growth emerges.

And, finally, don’t forget the lawn! If you have a lawn service, they may have already made a visit or be on the way soon.  If you are the lawn crew, now is a good time to fill in holes from the moles, pick up branches and rake up pinecones.  Although you can mow over quite a bit of small lawn debris like dried leaves, mowing over larger sticks and other hard items could shorten the life of your lawn mower and its blade!  It’s best to remove larger branches before you attempt the first cut of the season and always inspect piles of debris before running over them with your lawnmower, so you know exactly what is in the pile.

It has been a long winter so getting outside in the sunshine, digging in the dirt, and getting your yard and lawn ready for spring may be just the activity to energize you.  It will also help with your home’s curb appeal and get the new season off to a great start!  

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Posted on 03/07/2022 10:11 AM by Jarod Tanksley