Monday, 30 August 2021
Lawn Care for Next Year...

Normally by Labor Day in Middle Tennessee your lawn is on the crunchy greenish-yellow side and this would not be the best time to do anything that might cause further damage.  Even if you use a sprinkler system all summer, the grass stays green but may still not be as healthy as it would with regular rainfall.  However, this year has been a bit of an exception and lack of rain hasn’t been much of a problem.  In fact, you may now be in competition with the weather to get regular cuts and lawn maintenance done! 

With the abundant sunshine and rain, now is a good time to formulate a plan for the health of your lawn and landscaping for next spring.  The days are getting shorter and cooler providing perfect timing over the next few weeks to aerate if needed and spread some fertilizer without worrying about burning the grass.  If possible, it is best to put down fertilizer a few days before a large rainfall is expected or a day or two after so it has a chance to soak in without washing it away.  It is also a good time to put down some seed in the bare spots after the fertilizer has had a chance to soak into the ground.  Seed should ideally be sown at least a month before the first frost while the ground is still warm and moist to allow time for it to sprout and get a root system in place before the cold temperatures of winter slow growth.

It is also a good time to clean up your landscaped beds by pulling weeds and refreshing the edges while the ground is on the softer side.  You can also trim shrubs and bushes that have gotten unruly, just be sure not to remove any dried flower stems that might have viable seed pods as these can provide an important food source for the birds as the days get cooler.  If you want some spring flowers to bloom from bulbs, now is the time to plan where you will plant those and order if you are not getting them locally.  With a little extra effort and planning time as summer fades you will be sure to have a brilliantly colored spring!


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Posted on 08/30/2021 2:38 PM by Jarod Tanksley