Friday, 22 January 2021
Ways to make your home more “sellable” in 2021…and beyond!

As a fulltime professional, I am constantly trying to improve my real estate knowledge so that I can represent you in the best way possible.

I recently participated in an update seminar concerning the latest changes for the 2021 Tennessee Association of Realtors legal forms used to buy and sell homes in Tennessee. These forms are used almost statewide and it is critical to understand the language in order to have efficient and trouble free closings with the transactions that I am a part of as I represent buyers and sellers. You can be sure that I am representing you armed with the latest information available in our industry provided in classes, seminars, market information and reading about new trends for 2021.

I also try to stay up to date what Buyers are looking for as they search for their next home.  Based on information that I have seen, here are recommendations for sellers to reap the highest price on their home when they sell.

Recent surveys seem to reflect the mood of buyers during this pandemic period. They are searching for homes with updated and refreshed kitchens and bathrooms. Neutral décor seems to be the latest.  Nothing fancy… simple and attractive in bright and cheerful rooms. If the updating is done correctly, sellers can enjoy a return on their investment up to 20%.

Bathrooms should be spotless and neutral…. invest in fresh, fluffy towels and soaps to create the “spa” feel. New fixtures will really update and should not be a large expense.

If you have hardwood floors that are hiding underneath carpeting, remove the carpeting and buff those floors to a lovely matte finish…not the ultra shiny gym floor finish! Buyers will search for homes with hardwood flooring to avoid old stains, allergens and smells that remain in carpeting.

Lighting really sets the mood in your home.  Invest in some LED bulbs…but not the bright/white/bluish light.  Use the warmer colors to create more of a candlelight glow throughout your home.

Be sure to check out your outdoor spaces, also…Spring is just a few days/weeks ahead and buyers will want to view the outdoor rooms, too. It is important to have outdoor spaces that can double as gathering spots and cooking, too!  Outdoor activities are even more important in 2021!

Freshen up the screened in porch, pergolas, firepits and outdoor kitchens, large and small. Don’t forget to clean up the play areas! Create a welcoming respite for families to enjoy at the end of the day. Buyers will welcome the improvements that have already been made.

There are other things that you can do to improve the “sellability” of your home if you understand the trends for which buyers are looking.

Call me when you are ready to begin the process of selling your home and we will work together to insure a trouble free, profitable & pleasant transaction.


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