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Thursday, 24 May 2018
Enjoy your Holiday weekend with a new look?

Sound impossible?  It clearly isn't.  I am always amazed how make little changes using color and greenery can make such a significant difference in the look of a home.  Apparently there are lots of places to look for ideas.  Magazines are a great source of ideas.   One thing to keep in mind is to have a budget for each room so you don't get carried away.  It can be part of the fun in doing this project.   Let's take this room by room.

It makes sense to start at the beginning with the foyer.  We are usually talking small space with the entryway.   You can use paint or wallpaper to paint just one wall with a coordinating color.  Using the same depth of the other three walls' paint this can liven up the entry way.  Add a tall thin green plant and viola- you have it.

We did say keep within a budget so while painting the kitchen cabinets would be great, let's look at changing the hardware instead.  This makes a great change in the look and is truly not that expensive.   A new mat in front of the sink with a new bouquet of flowers and you have it.

A great trick in making the dining room more inviting, set the table and use a runner down the center of the table as a base for a new and colorful centerpiece.  

We always know changing out throw pillows freshen the living room look.  Using accent colors can help as well.  I often see people rearrange furniture and pull in a piece from another room.  Rearranging the room can give a whole new look and you aren't spending a penny.  

In the bedroom it can be as simple as using a new blanket across the end of the bed.  Adding a piece of art or a wall hanging.  Maybe if the budget allows you can purchase a new comforter.

Last but not least the bathroom.   This room is easy.  Adding new towels and apothecaryjars on the basin with useful items hand soaps, Q-tips, razors or other toiletries. 

Enjoy the Holiday weekend....

..... and always remember..... "You've Got A Friend in Real Estate"

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Posted on 05/24/2018 12:08 PM by jarod tanksley