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Wednesday, 23 May 2018
Things to consider when backing and moving...

Even when a move can be all about great things like a job promotion, moving near old friends and family or moving to an exciting area that you have always dreamed about.  There comes the time when you start to dread all that is involved.  Let's go over some great ideas to help you in your move. 

The less you have to move the less it costs and the easier it is to move.  I suggest having a huge moving sale and what is left you donate.  If you decided to sell it and you don't, it is time to get rid of it, renting a dumpster can be a wonderful thing?  Sometimes you can find a charity that will pick up your merchandise you want to donate (ARC, Goodwill)

We have all had moves where the first day is a madhouse looking for those things we just have to have.  So I heard a great idea to mark the boxes you need the first day as just that "NEED THE FIRST DAY" and tape box with a special color like red, that hopfully gets loaded last?

I think the best idea I have heard though is using a different color of duct tape for kids each room. In other words color code each box for each room.  Another handy item is plastic wrap.  You can wrap silverware right in the organizer plus you can see through it.

A challenge in every move are the breakables.  I have found cardboard boxes that are sectioned are the best way to protect glassware.  You can find at office supply stores or your local liquor store. The liquor store boxes work great because they are usually thinker and are not too bulky.  I like the idea of using trash bags around clothes on hangars.  This does a couple of things.  It protects the clothes and also keeps them together.

A good moving company

Let's get together and talk about your next purchase and how I can help you find your future home.

Posted on 05/23/2018 4:41 PM by jarod tanksley