Wednesday, 11 April 2018
Preparing for an Open House

Open houses are designed so that as many people as possible get to see your home at one time.  An open house can actually be an introduction of your listing to the housing market. Although less than 1% of houses sell at an open house, It's the best way to introduce your home to the market.

Rule #1 is make marketing your home more effective and profitable by having a professional in the real estate business.  Preparations are exactly what your agent can do for you and he or she will tell you what to do in doing a successful open house. 

While times have changed in how your home will be marketed, it is still bringing people in on open house day that counts.  Even if some of your open house attendance is your neighbors, they tell family and friends about your house.  The internet is very important in marketing your home.  Did you know in many cities  there is an open house app for finding open houses on any given day?  92 percent of homebuyers use the internet in their search for homes on the market.  Truly looking for a home has changed so much and the internet is now a big part of that search.  Having a professional enhances your ability because of how we are in tune to the digital world and what it brings to us in homes on the market. 

Staging can be a very big part of the preparation.  Always make a great first impression.  Landscaping, front entrance, and replace those old house numbers.  Sometimes a garage door needs sprucing up or replacement.  The home must be in pristine condition.  If time is an issue, hire a service to get it clean, clean, clean.   We don't want to get the cart before the horse.  First thing to do is get rid of all the clutter and personal items plus photographs in your home. Prospective homebuyers need to picture themselves in your home.    Any walls that are papered or painted wildly have to become neutral.  Some other areas to think about is new hardware for cabinets, change faucets or even paint or stain kitchen cabinets. Don't forget fresh and clean towels in bathrooms.

If you have pets they must be gone for the day.  Running an aroma diffuser with a light fragrance might be a help.   Making sure lots of people know about your open house is imperative but this is where your Realtor comes in.  Putting up signs and directing people to your home is their job and they know what they are doing.

It is always nice to have a brochure/info sheet about your property and again a professional will handle that for you.  It  is nice for prospective buyers to leave with something about your listing in their hand.

Baking cookies does two things.  It provides a super homey smell to your kitchen and it gives the guests a reason to stop and talk with your Realtor. Buying cookies are a great second choice.   Chatting with people gives a feel for what they are thinking about your home.  

I having a sign-in sheet with names and phone numbers to follow up with prospective buyers.  Hearing what they have to say helps me to follow up with my sellers.


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