Tuesday, 16 January 2018
Is this year the right year for you?


Is it time?   You and your family are in the market for a new home.  What exactly is that going to look like?   There are certain questions you can ask yourself to know what that home should be and what your priorities are. 

​A good place to begin the process is in the bedroom area.  Everyone usually wants their own bedroom and bathroom if possible?  However, if you have many overnight visitors in your home you might want to consider a guest room or maybe an office that can convert easily into a bedroom with the concept of a Murphy bed.  If you haven't seen one, it is easy to explain.  Basically it is a bed and frame that is build to fold up against the wall looking almost like a cabinet without drawers.  It is a really convenient concept and they are usually very comfortable.

The age of your children can be a​ deciding​ factor​. If you have older teenagers, they may be going to college soon and you might consider not having as many bedrooms.  Remembering of course that college age children tend to move out and will usually need to move back in at some point, even if it just for weekend visits.

Storage is a big consideration.   Walk-in closets are great but extra storage is always a must.  You need to survey what ​you​ are lacking in storage space​ in your present home. D​o you need extra space for sporting equipment, outdoor furniture or car accessories​?​ You can NEVER have to much storage.

Outdoor spaces where everyone can gather is equally important.​ Where does your family spend most of their time?   Are you an outdoor family with lots of entertaining?   Do you like the outdoors and do you need a large patio and/or screened-in porch or maybe a pool?   Considering all of these points now will save you much time before the hunt begins.

​Make a list of needs and wants

Helping with all of these areas is exactly what I love to do.  So let's sit down and have a plan for finding your new home.


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