Wednesday, 9 November 2016
What makes a House a Home

That's easy....You do!  Your home is an extension of you and your family and the memories that dwell there with you.  The pictures of so many past events from your wedding to vacations to special events that are precious to you. Pictures that claim the space on your end tables and decorate your walls with memories.  Many that bring a smile to your face when you pass by.

The noises of the train that passes by in the distance that you love or the peacefulness of no sound at all while you curl up with a good book, a cup of tea and your Aunt Jane's quilt thrown over your legs.

Your house would just be brick and mortar except for the fact that Grandpa Joe's rocking chair sits in your family room and reminds you of a time when you would crawl up on his lap and giggle at all his amazing stories.

A collection of so many items like the rug you picked up in Paraguay and the painting you bought on your honeymoon or those vintage dessert plates that were a steal from that neighborhood garage sale.

The dings and scratches and the imperfections of your humble abode make it all yours - speaking of imperfections, that endless to-do list. There is always a new project to replace that one you just completed.  

You are home.  It's your home - it belongs to just you and yours.


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Posted on 11/09/2016 7:09 AM by Jarod Tanksley