Wednesday, 27 July 2016
5 Tips to Get Prepared for This School Year

Whether you are rejoicing (inside, of course) or sad that school is just around the corner, it never hurts to be well prepared for a new school year if you have kiddos headed off to one our fabulous schools in the area. For the purposes of this post, I will focus on info for our award-winning public schools in the Williamson County School system, Franklin Special School District, and Metro Nashville, but some of the same advice can be used for other schools in the area.


1. Check updated zoning and bus routes. With continued growth in the area, it's super important to make sure you know the current zoning for your neighborhood and the current bus routes and stops if your children use the bus.


For Williamson County School zoning and bus routes, click here and enter your street address.

For Franklin Special School District, click here.

For Metro Nashville School District, click here.

2. Once you know your district, download the current calendar to your desktop and enter the important dates into your personal calendar. You can find the Williamson County calendar here

And the FSSD calendar here.

And the Metro Nashville calendar here.

3. Now, follow the tabs at the top of the page from the main sites, and find each child's school website. There you can download supply sheets for each grade, a cafeteria menu (might have to wait a few days on that one), student and parent handbooks to review, and before and after care program information.

4. To stay informed throughout the year in multiple ways, be sure to sign up for the official Facebook and Twitter feeds of your district, if applicable, and any internal newsletters such as inFocus with Williamson County Schools.

5. Head out this weekend for tax-free weekend in Tennessee! This coming Friday, July 29th through Sunday July 31st is the designated time to shop til you drop for school supplies and clothes without paying sales tax! Click here to read the guidelines.

We are so privileged to live in a country that values education. Have a great school year, students!



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