Wednesday, 15 May 2013
How NOT to sell your home

Brentwood, TN home sellers; how badly do you want to sell your home?

“Today’s not a good day; I need to bathe the dog.”

As a realtor with over 10 years experience in the Brentwood TN real-estate market, I have heard almost every excuse to not show a home. Homeowners are so eager to sell their home that often they overlook the most important and obvious reasons they become frustrated when their home isn’t showing as often as they’d like… and consequently no offers are on the table.  Today, I’ll highlight the #1 hurdle homeowners face when listing their home.  I’ll also advise how to jump leaps and bounds over all the market competition, just by saying a simple “YES” when you receive the call.

I need more time to get the house ready.

The most difficult example for homeowners to grasp is by simply delaying a home showing, or even saying “no, today’s not good”- that they literally take their home out of consideration.  Often a realtor sets up many appointments in a day because your home has fallen within the criteria that the potential buyer is looking for. If the buyer doesn’t get a chance to see your home that day, most likely another property will fill its spot, and your home won’t fall in to their list of “maybe” and second looks. 

Preparing your home properly before it’s listed will help overcome the greatest hurdle you will face. This will ensure that only quick tidy up cleaning is needed before a showing.  No one has time to deep clean a bathroom when the realtor’s on the way! Cleaning out closets and donating old goods to a charity, putting away knick knacks on counter tops, and a good bathtub scrubbing will make the daily clean up easier, when there’s less mess to manage. Spend time before listing your home organizing with bins and tubs. Adding new shelves in a pantry or closet can also eliminate all the clutter sitting on kitchen cabinets. This will save you time before a showing (i.e.  not having to put up the toaster, griddle, blender etc). Some families may even find it easier to temporarily shift to paper plates, disposable cups etc to temporarily minimize the amount of daily dishes that can accumulate, just throw them in the recycle bin when done.

 Another large factor that prevents sellers from being able to show the home is cleanliness. We’ll discuss that more in depth as well. Overall, when you receive a request for an appointment there are a few things that will ensure a good showing. Be prepared to leave quickly, secure pets in place or bring the dog or cat with you, if possible.  Leave your property with lights on and rooms bright and clean.  Even if that particular client isn’t a match for your home, their realtor leaves with an impression of your property.  If it shows well, is clean and maintained and you are eager to let them show your home around their client’s schedule, they will surely remember your property and try and place it with another client.

Weekends typically tend to be the hardest for last minute showings because the family’s home, kids are playing and company may even be visiting. However, when you say no, your home doesn’t have a chance. By the time a potential buyer requests an appointment; your home has already been “shown” twice… buyers today are internet savvy and have already narrowed down their choices based on MLS listings, and internet information. Their request for an appointment is the buyer’s final way of making their selection in person. If you say no, the buyer who’s eager to make a choice; most likely will move on. They are trying to fit in multiple appointments scattered across the city and correspond with their schedule as well.

Just say yes ~ to your home showing! The more people who see your home, the more chances you have to sell!

Posted on 05/15/2013 1:14 PM by Jarod