Thursday, 9 May 2013
Brentwood, TN Real estate market

What’s the real estate market really like in Brentwood TN?

Have you been looking around making your home improvement list or perhaps even mentally preparing for what perennials you’d like to plant this year?  Or maybe you’ve clicked around on the MLS listings just to “see” what’s out there.  With springtime comes the flurry of new listings, open houses and builders’ showcases.  Exciting as it is to look for a new home or consider putting yours on the market, many of us still have real estate jitters. After all, we are bombarded on television and online with discouraging real-estate reports, housing foreclosures and the hint of mortgage rates going up. There’s still so much negative news surrounding the country’s real estate market these days that many people have shied away from even thinking about the possibilities of selling & buying.

There’s great news though - fortunately our surrounding areas such as Williamson & Davidson counties have not been as negatively impacted as the rest of the country.  Here in the Brentwood, Tennessee real estate market, the median home price averaged $477,000 in December 2012, down from only $492,000 in October of 2008 – and year to year is experiencing a 4.7 % increase.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be highlighting important factors to consider when preparing your home to go on the market.  January is the peak time to prepare your home & list it for the upcoming spring / summer market.  As always, I’m available anytime if you would like make an appointment and discuss listing your home.  My expertise in the Williamson & Davidson County real-estate market can assist you in preparing your home for market, ensure that your listing stands out, and sell your home fast!

Stay tuned for more information in the next few weeks. And don’t be so shy about clicking on that house listing for more information…. It just might be yours soon!

Posted on 05/09/2013 8:06 PM by Jarod