Friday, 6 May 2016
Tips for a Smooth Moving Day: Part 1

I'm seeing SOLD signs all over the Middle Tennessee area, so that means many of you are about to start the process of moving! Even if you haven't listed or sold your house yet, but you've got the bug to do it soon, a little planning and organizing can make your moving day go much more smoothly.

Start your planning several weeks in advance if possible with these 5 tips:

1. If you're renting your own truck or hiring movers, you'll need to call several weeks in advance to make sure you have what you need on moving day. Most people move on weekends, usually the first or last weekend of the month, so get your name on the books!

2. Start stockpiling boxes and newspapers as soon as you can. Also go ahead and stock up on supplies such as packing tape, markers, labels, and bubble wrap so you can start packing up the things you can live without for a few weeks instead of waiting until the last minute to pack up everything you own.

3. Speaking of things you can live without for a few weeks, if your budget allows, rent a storage unit or pod to get as much stuff out of the way before your home goes on the market. It is a proven fact that clutter is a huge turnoff to buyers, so get it out of the way before your home goes on the market to make your home more appealing for a quick sale!

4. As you start to pack, make four piles: keep, trash, donations, and sell. There are so many good reasons to de-clutter before your move. You do not want to pay someone to move stuff you don't want anymore, and you will not want to deal with it once you get to your new home.

5. Consider the move as you do your grocery shopping during the days leading up to the day the moving truck arrives. Cook up meals from your freezer and start throwing out all expired items from your fridge and pantry. Again, you don't want to move anything unnecessary.

Next week I'll share some great organizational tips for making your moving expeience so much easier! 





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Posted on 05/06/2016 5:17 PM by Jarod
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