Date: 26/09/2020
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Helpful Tips to Secure Your Home During Summer Travels

The summer traveling season is upon us, and that means many people in the Brentwood, Tennessee, area will be out on the road for adventure. Whether your destinations are an hour away from home or a whole day's worth of travel, this list of helpful reminders can help protect you and your home from possible mayhem (don't you just love those mayhem commercials?).

Empty Things.
If you've ever come home to the stench of rotting food or a mildewing dishwasher, you'll probably never do that again. Throw away food in the fridge or pantry that would have time to spoil or attract bugs. Once that's done, make sure all inside trash has been placed in outside bins. Empty the dishwasher and washing machine to prevent mold. And this should go without saying, but please, oh, please don't forget to empty the diaper pail and the litter box!

Unplug, Turn Down, and Turn Off Things.
Even if you use surge protectors, which you should, consider unplugging electronics that will not be in use. Standby mode can still use power, so just err on the side of caution and reduce the possibility of a fire hazard.

There's no need to run up your electric bill with cooling your home or heating your water while it's not being used. Most experts suggest turning the thermostat up to about 85 degrees if you're not going to be using your home for a few days, and some newer water heaters have a "vacation" mode to reduce the number of times it turns on.

Secure Everything.
According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a burglary takes place about every 13 seconds in the United States, with July and August being the most popular months for break-ins. There are many ways to reduce your chances of becoming a victim, but here are a few of the most popular tips according to Ackerman Security.

  • Make sure your valuables are not visible from the street. If a criminal can easily see what is in your home, you increase the chance they will be tempted to come inside to steal the items.
  • Put your indoor lights on an automatic timer.
  • Secure your home. Make sure all your doors and windows have functioning locks and consider installing a home security system. The easiest way for thieves to get into your home is through welcoming unlocked doors and windows. Do not store a spare key outside.
  • Ask someone you trust to check on your house and pick up your mail and newspapers. Nothing tells a thief you are not home like a week's worth of newspapers on your driveway.
  • Do not post your travel plans online. Broadcasting the location or duration of your trip on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be dangerous. It may be something exciting you really want to share, but be aware that you are blatantly telling potential criminals, "I'm not home."
  • Be wary of people going door-to-door soliciting donations. This is a common ruse used by criminals. Ask to see an I.D. that connects them with the charity. Don't feel pressured to give, trust your instincts and never give cash. Call 911 if you believe something is not right.

I hope that you and your friends and family have wonderful traveling plans in store this summer.​...


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