Date: 13/08/2020
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The Great Realtor Search

Finding the Agent Who Works Best for You

Ah. The search for the perfect Realtor has begun. So, how do you know which one is right for your family and your real estate needs? Sure, you want someone with whom you have good rapport, but you should also be looking to hire someone who has the same goals that you do for the sale and/or purchase of your home. You need someone who will be an excellent advocate for you.

To start your search, ask around. Who has a great reputation in the area? Keep in mind that your friends can be a big help, but choosing your best friend’s brother might not always be the best way to go. Search the Internet or local real estate magazines. Who has the numbers to prove that they are good at what they do?

Once you narrow down your options, start the interview process the first time you talk to or meet with your potential agent. Ask the questions that you really want to ask up front so you better understand the process and begin to see how well the agent knows his or her stuff. What’s their plan for marketing your home? Do his or her goals sound similar to what you and your family were already thinking? How extensive is his or her knowledge of the area where you’re wanting to buy a home? Are they open to showing you homes in several different areas? Of course you can always look online for local real estate, but what additional insight can the agent give you about what has sold and how much they think your home is worth?

Once you find a great match for your selling or buying needs, the best thing to do is to trust your Realtor's expertise and advice. According to San Francisco, Cal., Broker Tara-Nicholle Nelson on, “If you don’t trust your agent, then you’re very likely to push back on their pricing recommendations, timing recommendations, and marketing recommendations, or otherwise fail to fully get on board. That, in turn, complicates their job and minimizes the benefits you stand to gain from their experience.” Nelson says in another article on that, “Hiring the best agent ever means very, very little if you refuse to follow their advice, whether your reasons for refusing are right or wrong.”

Allow your agent to work for you to make the process as painless as possible. I’ve been working as a Realtor in the Brentwood, Tenn., real estate market for more than 14 years. Contact me and let’s see if I’m the best fit for your current real estate needs. I’d be honored to serve you.