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Thursday, 04 May 2017

 The time is finally here for the big move.  You find your dream home and it is yours. I am going to try to help you feel more comfortable about all you need to do to make this change go smoothly, from selecting the moving company to making this home really yours.

It just makes good sense to get more than one estimate.  Research tells us three is the magic number.  Another good idea is to have the moving company representative come to your home and do your estimate.  A great moving company will have many ideas and suggestions for you for your move.   Apparently research has also shown us  taking the cheapest quote is not always the way to go .   Make your decision by comparing the service provided and who you believe is going to work best with you and for  you in your move.


I have created some helpful items for your move decisions.


1. Most of us desire to move on the weekend.  Since everyone feels that way it is easy to see why if you can move on  a weekday you will save money on your move. 


2. Packing can be an emotional time.  It is better to leave the packing to the professionals.  They won't become emotional about the items they are packing.  For instance, packing a yearbook from high school you are tempted to  sit down to reminisce about the good ole days.  


3.Anything that won't fit in your new home or that you have decided to replace needs to go now.  You can sell on a buy sell trade site or just toss the item.  Another idea would be to donate to an organization like Goodwill. 


4. No need to purchase boxes.  There are lots of avenues to get your boxes.  Grocery stores, liquor stores and fast food restaurants have great boxes as well.  Sometimes the best way to get boxes is from your moving company, as a part of the moving package deal.  Many times that will be a requirement to insure your items arrive safely and in tact. 


Let's face it, moving is stressful.  Keep your eye on the prize. After all a new home is so exciting!   By following these suggestions you can at least be prepared and take some of the stress out of the move.   


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Posted on 05/04/2017 8:33 AM by Jarod Tanksley
Friday, 28 April 2017
  It's time to update your home and now the decisions have to be made. What is most important  to you and your family? What areas are critical to the value of your home? Studies have shown that exteriors are just as important as the interior. So the curb appeal is an important place to start.

When checking with professionals these items scored high in sprucing up the exterior.

* Replacing the front door.

* Windows and doors scored high with professionals as a necessary replacement

* Checking the landscaping and replacing bushes that are overgrown, dead or dying.

* A Garage door is a great item to help you to get that much wanted ROI if in fact you are thinking of selling in the near future.


The important areas of the interior to update are the kitchens and the bathrooms. These areas seem to attract the most attention and are usually the most used rooms of our homes. Actually these are the areas that are deemed most personal, so if you are replacing for your family, this is great, but be careful because your style could actually be a turnoff to potential buyers. 

For instance, you can make sure that you choose a design for all ages. As an example, as baby boomers get older they may need walk-in shower, accessibility for a wheelchair or support bars. A walk in shower ranks high with ALL age groups as a desired item for the bathroom.


Not only are aging parents moving in with their children, but millennial children are at the very least temporarily moving in with parents to pay off exorbitant student loans. In the case of remodeling with the elderly in mind, a bedroom and bath on the first floor becomes extremely important.

Kitchens may need upgraded countertops such as quartz, marble and concrete, etc. for the contemporary  look and Granites and other Solid Stones for the Traditional look.  And don't forget to add a decorative backsplash and undercounter lighting. So many little things make a huge difference.  Some buyers may be looking for interactive items for the home such as thermostats, light switches, etc.that make life a little easier in this hectic world!

As always, you have a great resource in a real estate professional. Don't hesitate to ask me for my opinion and advice about updating or renovating your home.

Posted on 04/28/2017 6:58 AM by Jarod Tanksley
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