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Monday, 14 August 2017

 You may or may not know this fact but it is actually not that hard to get into homes.  Many homes have a subpar lock so the risk of being seen breaking in is more of a deterrent.  There is also the fact that most robberies happen during daylight hours - so being seen is not that alarming to a seasoned robber.  It seems most homes have weak points and an experienced thief can be pretty good at finding them. 

An open door screams come in and steal my fabulous iPad. Many times homeowners build a tree house within stepping distance of an upstairs window.

Fresh air coming in our home is wonderfully refreshing but an easy entrance for a burglar especially at night.  Let's list  5 ways to make your home a less appealing target.


  •   Most common security addition to a home is a security system
  •   Do not announce to anyone friend or foe- that you are going to be away from home
  •   Hiding your house key under the doormat was great a decade ago but no longer.  Be more creative   or leave with a neighbor
  •   Set your lights on a timer inside and outside of house
  •   DO NOT buy the cheapest lock and the lock you purchase should be a deadbolt. The strike plate    should be the heavy duty kind  with 4 long (3 inch) screws.


Doing these five things will help keep you more secure in your home.   One thing we didn't discuss ( no matter how excited you are) is not announcing on social media that you are vacationing.  You never know who is looking at your information.


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Posted on 08/14/2017 11:00 AM by Jarod Tanksley
Monday, 31 July 2017

 How about the saying THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME.  Maybe you have heard HOME IS WHERE YOUR JOURNEY BEGINS.  Probably the most famous is HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS.   I say that could be switched around to HEART IS WHERE THE HOME IS.   A great example of this is having a particularly tough day and walking through your own front door to immediate decompression.  As crazy as that sounds I bet just reading this you can remember the exact day that happened and how great being home felt.   


It's true that being home is definitely where you find peace.  The stress is less at HOME SWEET HOME.   It is easy to understand why we have such an emotional connection to our home when we find it necessary to sell.  Maybe it is because we have lived there since we got married.  It could be we raised our children in this home and it is hard to part with the place they have always called home.  One thing is certain, moving cannot take away all the wonderful memories you have made in your home. 


I find in so many situations that homeowners decide to sell and then go bonkers trying to get everything in tip top shape to get the most for their home.  Why not start now and enjoy your improvements for a couple of years.  Updating now can be great for your family to enjoy and be financially rewarding for when you are ready to sell.  


     There are so many sites that you can research for ideas.  Here are a few:


*   This Old House

*    Weekend Home improvements

*    DIY Home Renovation on a Budget

*    Inexpensive Home Upgrades

*    Home Improvement Ideas for Kitchens


Sitting down with your Realtor could be enlightening to talk about boundaries you should adhere to when investing in your home.  Your Realtor can also be a wealth of information with companies  you can contact for estimates for those projects you cannot do yourself.    

                                                                     And always remember.....


...."You've got a Friend in Real Estate"

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Posted on 07/31/2017 11:45 AM by Jarod Tanksley
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