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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Play Up Fall's Beauty in Your Home

Fall provides ample opportunities to make your home look more cozy and inviting from the outside, which will increase the buyer traffic if your home is on the market. If you have deciduous trees, you're already ahead of the game when it comes to "decorating" your property, but there are several other things you can do to kick up the welcoming factor a notch and get your home noticed.

- Rake the leaves. This is not just a neat-freak maintenance suggestion; raking up your leaves is good for your lawn. It allows it to "breathe," prevents snow mold in the winter, and gives your grass ample sunlight.

- Clear out all summer annuals and condition the soil. Also add another layer of mulch to keep the soil at an even temperature.

- If your yard lacks mature trees and shrubs, fall is the best time to plant. They take root and start getting used to the cooler climate.

- If you're thinking of waiting until Spring to put your house on the market, right now is the best time to get those spring bulbs in the ground.

- Hang a fall wreath on your front door and you'll add an extra welcoming element as someone enters your home. If you're a little on the crafty side, this Addicted to Decorating Web site has 30 DIY ideas for making your own wreath.

- There are also many other ways to add natural elements to your front entry with a large variety of leaves, gourds, and plants. Click through these great ideas from Better Homes & Gardens.


Some people give up on their flowerbeds and container arrangements after summer, but fall offers several options of plant life that will make your yard look beautiful right up until the first snowfall. These are just a few favorites:

- Marigolds - These easy-to-grow annuals come in gold, copper, and brass, which are the perfect compliments to fall.

- Mums (Chrysanthemums) - With around 40 species, these colorful flowers have annual and perennial varieties, and they grow well in the ground or in containers.

- Pansies - Perfect for containers, borders, or ground cover, these colorful annuals are extra hardy.

- Asters - Daisy-like in appearance, these perennials bring an extra punch of color and style to fall's more traditional flowers.

- Hydrangeas - These ornamental beauties come in a variety of colors and are a favorite for fall arrangements.

- Juniper - There are several varieties of juniper, but the evergreen ground cover is very hardy, and it changes from blueish-green to purple in the winter.

- Wandering Jew - A staple in the south for flower beds and baskets, this purple-leaf plant is low maintenance and multiplies quickly.

- Dusty Miller - The silvery foliage of this low-maintenance perennial will add a beautiful contrast to other plants in the ground or in planters.

Give people a reason to do a double-take when they see your home! Listing your home in the Fall is not a bad idea.  Folks seem to be moving to Nashville year round. If you are considering selling this Spring maybe the Fall is right time for you? Less competition and the home decor can be warm comforting to a Buyer.

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Posted on 10/10/2018 7:34 AM by Jarod
Friday, 21 September 2018

 Nashville - the home of country music, boot-scootin’ and southern accents, right? Well, yes, but even a quick visit to the area will demonstrate that there’s so much more in the city to be discovered and enjoyed. With a booming job market, a lively craft brewery scene and an ever-growing list of delicious new restaurants to try, lots of diverse (and often free!) opportunities to enjoy live music and beautiful open spaces for playing, hiking and exploring, the Nashville area is the perfect place to establish your new home. It’s a rapidly growing city where locals and transplants alike welcome newcomers. Here are some of our favorite things about living in Nashville.

1. It makes financial sense.

There’s never been a better time to live in Nashville. Ranked as the 4th strongest in the country, the city’s economy is thriving. The job market continues to grow at a rate well above the national average. Even better? Tennessee has no income tax and some of the lowest property taxes in the country. When purchasing a home in Nashville you’ll be getting a bigger bang for your buck, and with new homes being built and arriving on the market every day, the real estate scene is hopping. Nashville and its surrounding areas boast a cost of living 3% lower than the national average, so a move to the city is a move toward financial gain.

2. There are so many hometown teams to cheer for.

Do you love having a local sports team to fanatically support? Nashville’s got you covered with a pro hockey team, professional football, a Minor League baseball team and a newly established Major League Soccer team expected to begin to play in a brand new stadium in 2020.

3. It boasts a thriving art scene.

Check out the First Saturday Art Crawl, the majestic Schermerhorn Symphony Center, and the Frist Art Museum. Take a self-guided street art tour and discover a plethora of murals throughout the city. If you love the theater, the Tennessee Performing Arts Center is your destination for Broadway shows as well as the Nashville Ballet and the Nashville Opera.

4. It’s a music lover's paradise.

Nashville is Music City, after all, and is home to one of best live music scenes you can find, including the Ryman Auditorium, the Bluebird Cafe, Mercy Lounge and so many more. You’ll have your fair share of country music options, but the city also hosts countless independent and well-known artists in all musical genres.

5. There are just so many great places to eat.

We can’t get enough of the incredible food and drink found around town, and new eateries are popping up weekly. Check out Biscuit Love for brunch, Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack for the city’s iconic dish, Husk for the south’s best fine dining, and Diskin Cider and Tailgate Brewery for a small taste of the city’s thriving craft brewing scene.

6. It’s a place of enormous natural beauty.

Nashville offers a temperate spring with flowers in riotous bloom, a long and warm summer, an incredible fall with trees in brightly hued splendor and a relatively mild winter. It receives plenty of rain throughout the year and all of that rain contributes to its extensive green spaces and natural beauty. The city itself boasts amazing hiking, including over 3000 acres of hiking, biking, and horse riding trails just nine miles outside of the heart of downtown.

The Cumberland River snakes through the eastern part of the city, providing a beautiful river walkway and riverfront park for biking and strolling. There are a few beautiful lakes nearby for those who love boating and lake-living. And Centennial Park, in the heart of Nashville, boasts open green spaces, a small lake, walking trails and a replica of the Parthenon, as well as a free outdoor concert venue known as Musician’s Corner.

It’s no wonder that Nashville is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. And while all of these things are great reasons to move here, it’s the intangibles that really make this place shine - the Southern hospitality, the way strangers aren’t afraid to make eye contact and strike up a conversation, the relaxed, friendly feel of a small city paired with the dynamic energy of a big city. We sure do love this place - and we hope you’ll make a smart move and join us here. And as a Nashville Native a 3rd generation Realtor with 18+ years experience, I would be happy to help you and your family get settled in the Music City.... Call me for a tour of the Music City...


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Posted on 09/21/2018 9:40 AM by Jarod Tanksley
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