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Tuesday, 01 April 2014

I recently read an article about reasons why buyers hate certain homes when they are in the home-buying process. It got me to thinking about the things you can control about your property when your home is on the market. If you are thinking about listing your home, or if it’s already on the market, look over this list of common offenses that has come from actual clients of mine and see if your home has some of these buyer hang-ups.

Here in Nashville, Tenn., Most have simple solutions, so do the extra legwork up front to make the best first impression you can.

This might surprise you, but strong odors are probably the #1 turnoff that buyers complain of when they visit a home. There is a lot of research about how odors stir up memories, good and bad, so it’s probably best to neutralize the air as much as possible. If you go for deodorizer sprays or plug-ins, choose soft scents and not overpowering ones. Trying too hard to create a clean smell can backfire. One way to freshen up your home is to paint your entry way inside and out. Not only will it look nice, but it will trigger smells that are similar to a new-car smell.

Coming in a close second place in the list of turnoffs is clutter. I cannot say this enough: Clutter is distracting. It keeps people from seeing the true value of your home. And since crammed closets also made the list, it’s much better to box up and store the clutter than it is to shove it in a closet.

Which leads me to closets. Make sure people are able to see the full potential of your closet space. Clean out the stuff you don’t need, and use organizing bins and other tools to arrange the things you do need. People love storage space, so show them what you’ve got!

If buyers pull into the driveway for the first time and see an overgrown or completely bare yard, they sometimes have the urge to keep driving. The assumption is that if you don’t care for the outside, you might not take care of the inside either. Keep the yard mowed and trimmed at all times. Don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune on flowers and plants. Simply adding a splash of color to the front walkway and porch goes a long way to give people the warm fuzzies they’re looking for.

You might also be surprised how many times clients want to walk away from a home simply because of outdated wallpaper and non-neutral paint colors or other cosmetic reasons, but it’s really difficult for some people to get past those things. Do what you can to create more of a blank slate for buyers and your home will sell much more quickly.

If you allow me to step in and help you see the things that need to be addressed in your home before you list it, I will help you get it ready and sold quickly! Call me today and let’s get started.



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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

1. It is imperative for you to get pre-qualified for a loan. There is no way you can shop for a home if you don’t know the parameters of your budget. You don’t want to fall in love with a house or neighborhood on, only to discover that you can’t afford it. Plus, being pre-qualified will speed up the buying process and let sellers know you’re ready to make serious offers.

2. Know how much money you’ll need on hand for everything. Your Realtor can help you do a cost analysis for the down payment, closing fees, property taxes, insurance, moving costs, and any repairs and updates that might end up being your responsibility.

3. Know what the home is worth before you make an offer. You might find a home you love in your price range, but is it priced higher than it should be? Banks will not back a loan for a home that appraises far less than the sticker price. Avoid that disappointment and ask for a detailed home and neighborhood analysis from a trusted real estate agent. You can see what other homes have sold for in that area.

4. Before you make an offer and start the negotiating process, know your limits. What is the highest you’re wiling or able to go? What are you willing to give up? Once you know those things, then you can make a firm offer and be prepared for back-and-forth negotiating. Also, know that not all offers end up with a sale, so don’t be discouraged early.

5. Establish realistic expectations. It’s perfectly fine to have a must-have or want list as you search for a home, but don’t discount homes that come close to having everything you’re wanting. Walls can be painted, carpet can be replaced, and changes can be made down the road.

6. Research the neighborhood. Here’s a bulleted list of things to think about as you look into the place where you are preparing to settle yourself and/or your family for the next few years.

7. Pay for your own thorough inspection before you close. You want the person looking for potential problems to be working for you and not the seller. Finding out problems after your closing is your responsibility.

8. Make sure there is a contingency included in your contract so that you can get your money back if anything goes wrong before the closing date.

I would love to help you with this entire process! Please contact me when you’re ready to get started.


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