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Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Is it time?   You and your family are in the market for a new home.  What exactly is that going to look like?   There are certain questions you can ask yourself to know what that home should be and what your priorities are. 

​A good place to begin the process is in the bedroom area.  Everyone usually wants their own bedroom and bathroom if possible?  However, if you have many overnight visitors in your home you might want to consider a guest room or maybe an office that can convert easily into a bedroom with the concept of a Murphy bed.  If you haven't seen one, it is easy to explain.  Basically it is a bed and frame that is build to fold up against the wall looking almost like a cabinet without drawers.  It is a really convenient concept and they are usually very comfortable.

The age of your children can be a​ deciding​ factor​. If you have older teenagers, they may be going to college soon and you might consider not having as many bedrooms.  Remembering of course that college age children tend to move out and will usually need to move back in at some point, even if it just for weekend visits.

Storage is a big consideration.   Walk-in closets are great but extra storage is always a must.  You need to survey what ​you​ are lacking in storage space​ in your present home. D​o you need extra space for sporting equipment, outdoor furniture or car accessories​?​ You can NEVER have to much storage.

Outdoor spaces where everyone can gather is equally important.​ Where does your family spend most of their time?   Are you an outdoor family with lots of entertaining?   Do you like the outdoors and do you need a large patio and/or screened-in porch or maybe a pool?   Considering all of these points now will save you much time before the hunt begins.

​Make a list of needs and wants

Helping with all of these areas is exactly what I love to do.  So let's sit down and have a plan for finding your new home.


..."You've got a Friend in Real Estate"


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Friday, 12 January 2018

As we roll into 2018, I can't help but reflect on what an amazing year it has been in so many ways. I feel blessed. And a lot of those happy memories revolve around family, friends, and the wonderful clients who trusted me to take care of their real estate needs.

I am truly thankful to say that I was able to be a part of more than 30 transactions in the Middle Tennessee area, and each one was a memorable experience as I had the privilege of helping people sell their homes, buy their dream homes, and handle the difficult details of estate sales after the death of loved ones.  I was even able to refer a couple of commercial deals.  My referral services helped connect many buyers and sellers to homes that would be hard to find otherwise. Connecting sellers and buyers is my favorite part of the job and it is a win-win for everyone! 

With more than 18 years of negotiating skills under my belt, there was no problem we couldn't handle together this year as we navigated contracts, inspections, and everything in between.

As I look forward to another great year in 2018, I hope you will trust me to help you with your real estate needs and refer me to your friends! Your referrals are the best gift and compliment you can give me!

Happy New Year!!....and remember...

..."You've Got a Friend in Real Estate"

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Now that we are in the cold months of winter, there are a few simple steps you can take now that will keep your home nice and cozy and shield you from
There are really many different styles, it's not a one size fits all market.  The traditionalists usually have the cozy, comfy & warm decor where the


  It is drawing near to the new year and along with that comes resolutions.  Are you one of those people who makes a New Years' resolutions or maybe
To many people the outside appearance of their home is not important.  However research has shown the curb appeal of your home is the most important feature


It is easy to see big withdrawals from your banking account.  Let's talk about those small withdrawals that you hardly notice.  As the saying goes, the
 How many times are you asked by others in your family or friends how many people live in Nashville?  I am often asked that question.  Of course we have


 Believe me, it happens all the time....   You are wildly happy and excited that you have found "the home".  Your executed ​contract is in place.   The
  FALL...I bet if we took a survey on what is everyone's favorite season, the Fall (Autumn) would win.  I believe there are so many reasons that is true. 


By the time fall arrives everyone seems to be ready for cooler weather and less humidity.   Fall also brings a time for lawn care and nourishing your
  Almost​ every person wishes​ to own their own home. Americans still believe that tho​ugh it is the largest purchase of their life​,​ it still remains


Many homes  have at least some areas of hardwood floors, if not the entire home. The floors become scratched by dogs, children and just plain everyday
 You may or may not know this fact but it is actually not that hard to get into homes.  Many homes have a subpar lock so the risk of being seen breaking


 How about the saying THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME.  Maybe you have heard HOME IS WHERE YOUR JOURNEY BEGINS.  Probably the most famous is HOME IS WHERE
 As I drive around our community, I​ occasionally​​ notice ​​homes that are for sale by the owners ​​​(FSBO​).  I often wonder if these owners know the


It seems like sooner or later, you will experience selling your home and moving into another.  While moving can be disruptive for parents, it can be traumatic
Moving day can be filled with anxiety but not if you prepare​ ahead of time and that includes the much loved family pet.  A local move can be much easier


       It seems as though history tells us that part of the American dream has been work until you retire and then hopefully at least the winter times
 ​As you begin to plan on the purchase of your next home,​ you will ​need to know the cost of selling your present home.   ​It is critical that you know


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