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Wednesday, 14 February 2018



​For most people,​ the largest financial ​investment  ever mad​e is ​the purchase of their ​home.  Usually, ​​the things you need​ today in your home ​will change through the coming years.​ 

T​hinking through what you need if you are​building a home today that you plan to stay in through the coming years is a challenge.  There will be changes in family size or needs that you must consider.  Let's look at this project​ from every angle  (East & West).  There are architects, engineers. builders and other professionals to help you and make the right and effective decisions.  ​

​Be sure to consult with a professional that understands the requirements of heating and cooling systems.​  Planning for space​ that ​can range from storage and closets to placement of rooms such as a laundry room.   You should also consider how long you plan to stay in this home and if you should you design a larger space. Architects will add helpful information to assist in this decision.

​Choosing the right l​ighting is very important in every home.​  You might like low light and not ​want​ ceiling light fixtures but for re-sale, ​that ​c​ould ​discourage any potential buyers of your home.  While that might be a long time from building to selling, it is much easier to allow for lighting in the building stage than at selling time.

Plan​ for rooms that can be combined and have multiple uses.  ​Such as, a home office that is used only one day a week or seasonal room like a Craft/Hobby room.  A multipurpose room would work well if designed to accommodate all of these uses.  One can NEVER have enough storage.

​The proper​ placement of certain rooms like the laundry room or the master bedroom ​i​s important.  It is important because of convenience.   In the past designers decided that an upstairs laundry room was a great idea since it was near bedrooms​,​ but many people do not like that concept.   Bedrooms should be placed away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the home.  Quiet is a must when picking a design​.  For instance, if you design a one level home, the master should be at the far end of the home.

Any Mom will tell you that the kitchen should be near the garage and/or point of entry into the home.  To have the convenience for carrying in groceries is a huge factor in design.  ​C​onsider that ​a mud room should be near to kitchen and  the garage so everyone can enter and have the chaos limited to one area. 

You know best what your needs and concerns are in building your home but professionals can direct you and suggest ideas you may not have thought of.  Ultimately no one knows your family and lifestyle like you do.  


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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Recently, I met some friends who have lived in the same home for 30 years.  I actually think it's neat that they are still in the same home.  Some of my friends have parents who have moved to senior living communities and they purchased the parents' home and are living in their childhood home with their growing families.  I am sure lots of improvements have been done over the years and repairs as needed.  Many older homes are in GREAT locations with bigger lots and while newer homes are more modern they are usually on smaller lots and are a little farther out away from city centers.

In other situations, some people move more frequently from one home to the next because of family circumstances or career changes.  In most of these situations, living in a home for even a few years allows them to become accustomed to defects that are not really a problem for them, but for a new buyer may present an issue.  Too many small items could add up and actually be a deal breaker.  Although they may be small and incidental issues to the seller, those possible repair dollars add up to a buyer.  

If you and your family live in a house long enough​, there may be items ​that need to be repaired that you haven't considered because you have gotten used to working around the problem.  For instance, a sticky door or broken lock seems like a very small issue.  Maybe the door company no longer exists or you are unable to find replacement parts or locks.  I would suggest getting a home inspection before your home hits the market to benefit both sides of a future deal.  I assess each listing and when necessary, and I will provide this option as part of my professional service on older listings to help the homeowner avoid any surprises.

I am always here to help you in your quest for buying and selling.... "You've Got a Friend in Real Estate"


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